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The Bridge Community, Inc. is a vital and innovative nonprofit corporation with the mission to improve lives across the diverse communities we serve in Alexander County.  The county has a higher poverty line percentage rate of 17.4% of the population living below the national average of 14%.  With the U.S. and world economies in crisis, more unemployed workers, working poor families and seniors on limited incomes than ever before are living at the margins of poverty and need help in securing adequate resources for their families. 

Generally, many disadvantaged families struggle to obtain life's essentials, such as affordable housing, job skills training, childcare, food and medication.  Food Stamp benefits, income deductions and other qualification for federal nutrition assistance have not kept pace with the inflation, nor do they accurately reflect rising household living expenses, such as the price of gasoline, electricity, food or medicine.  Without availability of (or access to) proper community-based services, many families would be unable to actively participate in the workforce, leading only to more economic insufficiency.

Our Mission is to improve lives across our communities by

Prioritizing need of employment, education, counseling services & health services
Forming innovative and effective partnerships with other organizations
Strategically connecting, raising & investing resources to make lasting changes

Ms. Priscilla Jenkins, 
Founder and Director 

The Bridge Community, Inc.  was conceived   as   a   result   of   our   founder serving in her local church ministry for    over    fifteen    years and   recognizing   the   continuing,seemingly growing, needs in the Alexander    County    community. Individual empowerment, self-determination, and accountability are strong characteristics of our non-profit organization.   In addition, her established relationships with governmental agencies, school system, law enforcement, churches, and other supporting entities within Alexander County and surrounding counties, will prove vital to our mission.